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Volunteer Application

We are thrilled that you want to become a Safe Families for Children volunteer! Check out our volunteer options below!

Host Family

Host Families voluntarily take in children for short periods of time. They are screened and approved by Safe Families for Children staff. To become a host family, fill out the application here.

Family Friend 

A volunteer who provides support to Families in Crisis (mentoring, transportation) and respite to Host Families (providing meals, babysitting). To become a Family Friend, fill out the application here.

Resource Friend

A volunteer who provide tangible support through goods and services. Goods include cribs, clothing, strollers, etc. Services could be healthcare, day care providers, or mechanical work, for instance. Sign up to become a Resource Friend by clicking this link.

Family Coach

Skilled volunteers who help Families in Crisis reach their goals. Family Coaches also provide support to Host Families and Family Friends who are aiding families in crisis. To become a Family Coach, fill out the application here.


If you would like more info, please email us at abilene@safefamilies.net!